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To accommodate holiday gifts, December’s cutoff date is December 12th. Orders placed after this date will be sent out at the end of January.

Thank you for visiting your Spirit Wear store! Here you will find all products related to Mid-Michigan Firestix! Firestix orders will be produced and shipped on a once a month basis. The cut off date for receiving your garments at the beginning of the following month will be the third Thursday of each month.

We look forward to creating customized garments just for you!

We have added several new Spirit Wear garments! Make sure to check out the Poly Tech garments, they are very similar to the Under Armour material and look very sharp with the Firestix logo and your name and number!

Check out our new products!

Order Change Policy:

If you need to make any adjustments/changes send an email to info@zodiacenterprises.biz with the subject line “FireStix Order Change”. Detail in the email what your changes are.

Changes are accepted via email only. If you call in requesting a change we will request that you email us your changes.


If you need confirmation on your delivery feel free to contact us at (810) 640 7146.

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